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No matter what aspect of film you are trying to learn we have a class for you. Click below to find out more about all of the classes we offer.

  We have film acting classes for all ages and backgrounds! Whether you are a serious actor pursuing a career or just someone who always wondered about the film industry and how you might learn about the acting profession--or even just a working or retired professional that loves being creative

Film Actor Workshops offers acting classes in a fun and exciting environment to study and work with others with similar interests. Film Actor Workshops is the central hub for all film actors in Tucson! Join Us! 



If you have specific questions, want to sign up for a free class, or if you are ready to purchase you can get ahold of us here. 

Chicken Salad Sandwich

 Starring Tony Eckstat and Jalen Gray Naseman. Written by Brandon Leighton Lawrence and directed by Avai d'Amico. A production of Film Actor Workshops, a film school in downtown Tucson, Arizona. 

I know that mug

I Know That Mug  (2018)
A Short Film made by our very own Film Production Class!
Fridays @ 6:30 pm  Come join us!!  Directed by Avai D'Amico

All MY a**holes are neighbors

All My A**holes Are Neighbors (2018)

A retro scripted comedy about newlyweds moving to a new neighborhood. They invite their neighbors over for drinks and it takes an unexpected turn!  Directed by Daniel Gonzales

Night Ryder

 Starring Laura Brockert, directed by Corbyn Gurrola. A production of Film Actor Workshops, a film school in downtown Tucson, Arizona. 


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Still Lively

 "As two old friends have lunch, their differing personalities  reveal their comically different approaches to dating and love".

  Starring Diane Donato and Anne Dalton, directed by Tony Eckstat. A production of Film Actor Workshops, a film school in downtown Tucson, Arizona. 

What Our Students Are Saying

Andrea H.


"This is one of the best film classes I’ve ever taken, and I leave rejuvenated and inspired every time! I have already learned so much in the short amount of time I’ve come...!" 

Andre G.


I love the fact that we create content and entertain people, and anybody can do anything on the film crew they're interested in. It's fun for all ages!

Paula C.


 "I love this place so much...Thank you for having me."  

Erin C.


 Absolutely love these people. They truly care about your growth as an actor and your success in the profession. These classes have helped me not only as an actress, but as a person. I recommend them to anyone, to the serious and the curious!

Pete B.


"Professional all the way at the same time while making it fun! Would recommend to anyone interested in film acting." 

Elizabeth Von Isser


"I have never participated in an acting class that I have found more informative, challenging and fun! I look forward to attending each week.