Scene Study


Teacher: Tony Eckstat | Mondays at 6:30PM-9:30PM

On-going Class
What makes an actor great? What makes a scene great?

A great scene and acting performance has many complex layers. There's emotions, objectives, obstacles, blocking, character choices, and oh my can it get overwhelming. To really nail a scene you need to peel back every layer and nail every one of these. This class helps you do just that. This is one of our on-going classes. Every night you perform and take a deep dive into a scene you continue to work on for multiple weeks.

Tony Eckstat has been acting for 20 years and has experience across many acting fields including stage, radio, commercials  (including clients like Adobe software and the Seattle Mariners), and film ("Postmarked" and many others which you find on his IMDB page below).

TonyEckstat IMDB page

Cost: ON SALE $150.00  for 4 Weeks (Normally $200)

 *Bundles available* 

Film Production Workshop


Teacher: Avai d'Amico | Tuesdays at 6:30PM-9:30PM

Film Production on Wednesday Nights begins Sept 6th

Don't just learn about making movies. MAKE MOVIES!!

Even if you just want to be an actor you will greatly learn about everything that happens on a set, and what happens before and after shooting too! Learn about pre-production steps like planning shots and locations. Learn how to operate cameras, lights, sound, etc. Learn about editing and distribution. However the best part is that you learn by doing in this class. You will produce films in this class that get entered into contests and festivals and get credits for them. What!? That's awesome! 

Avai d'Amico is a filmmaker who moved to southern Arizona for the warm climate and inexpensive cost of living, but quickly fell in love scaling vertical cliff faces and barreling full speed toward patches of cholla while riding on only two wheels. He got into filmmaking more than ten years ago, is the co-chair of Independent Film Arizona's documentary group, is currently in season two of his documentary series Don't Quit Your Daydream, and is filming the feature length romantic comedy, The Tiny House Movie.

Avai d'Amico IMDB page

Cost: ON SALE! $150  for 4 Weeks (Normally $250) 

 *Bundles available* 



Teacher: Emma Paunil | Sundays at 12:00PM-2:00PM

On-going Class

 The Acting Class (9-13) is a class grounded in improvisation techniques for developing empathy as a beginning film actor. This course helps our students develop not only foundational pillars in acting — such as empathy and emotions — but additionally leaves our students with a more developed sense of personal identity. Through improvisation fun and games, we will be reflecting on examples from our own lives that can be used as aspiring actors. 

Emma Paunil has education experience across the world — including in Namibia, Africa where she worked with scholars on identity development, and studied environmental impacts on fears and limitations.  She co-developed a graduate support program for middle schoolers in order to develop positive habits and goal setting practices. Currently, she is a professional actress and model,  pursuing a Master’s degree through the University of Arizona’s College of Education. 

She is also known for Positive, The Tiny House Movie and When I Sing (2018).

Emma Paunil IMDB PAGE

Cost: ON SALE $100  for 4 Weeks (Normally $150)

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